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7 Ways We Stand Apart

From so-called "personal branding experts",
resume writers and career coaches
You're Not A Number In Our System
The products you receive from us are meticulously custom-built for you, not taken off the shelf or rehashed from a previous client. That is because we value a high-touch service and our relationship with you.
Working With Senior Leaders Is In Our DNA
Our sweet spot is helping senior-level professionals navigate big career moves. High-profile CEOs regularly seek our services.
No Fake Credentials
Our competitors like to brag about their HR and recruitment experience. This is often a stretch, and is typically limited to short stints in junior sourcing roles. In contrast, the senior Arielle consultant who will lead your rebrand will either be an excellent executive recruiter or a senior HR manager, with experience earned at top-tier companies. This means your career will be viewed through the same lens as that of people who you want to be noticed by.
You Get Fantastic Ongoinc Support
You don't want a new resume, website or LinkedIn profile. You want results. We know that. If you don't see a meaningful improvement in responses after we launch your personal brand, we want to hear from you. We can troubleshoot your approach – until you see results.
No Death By Question-Naires
Standard resume writers ask you to fill out questionnaires, which they use to populate your resume. We find that this approach doesn't dig deep enough, especially for clients at senior management and executive levels. Why? A questionnaire is a blunt instrument; it cannot tailor itself to intricate nuances of your career trajectory. A live scoping session delivers the best results – and that's what we use to understand you on a granular level.
No Cost-Cutting
Cost and quality of professional services rarely correlate positively. For example, you'll find professionals who are willing to rewrite your LinkedIn profile for as little as $79. To put this into context, it takes a writer a minimum of 5 hours to thoroughly understand your background, conduct research, write and edit a LinkedIn profile. Ask yourself – what calibre of professional would be creating your most visible online asset at the rate of $15/hour?
You Deal With Thought Leaders
The world of job search is changing at a rapid rate due to disruption by digital technology. We are acutely aware of the latest trends in today's job market from a hiring perspective, which is why our opinions are regularly published in Australian and international media.

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